Sonny Ramaswamy

Pamela Whitten

Dale Whittaker

Wendy Wintersteen


Interview schedule

7 a.m, Breakfast with senior leadership team

8:30 a.m., Meet with Interim President Ben Allen

9:30 a.m., Meet with President Cabinet

10:30 a.m., Meet with President's Office staff

11:15 a.m., Meet with Professional & Scientific Council executive cabinet

Noon, Lunch with Council of Deans

1:10 p.m., Meeting with ISU Foundation leadership

2 p.m., Meet with Student Government and Graduate and Professional Student Senate

2:45 p.m., Meet with Faculty Senate Executive Board

4-5 p.m., Open Forum

7 p.m., Dinner with representatives of Alumni Association and ISU Foundation

Presidential announcement

The state Board of Regents will interview and select Iowa State's next president on Monday, Oct. 23. The president's introduction will be livestreamed following the announcement.